10 Best Password Managers for Businesses in 2023

This service is convenient and secure – Expert Insights recommends 1Password to organisations of all sizes looking for a trusted password management solution. French-based company Dashlane launched its password manager in 2009, quickly becoming a major player in the marketplace. It offers both a robust free plan and paid plans with additional security support for its customers.

Today, the company offers advanced password management and security for individuals, families, and businesses. LogMeOnce has launched multiple security, network management, CRM, and security management companies and products since 1986. Its password manager offers cross-platform support, making it easy for users to access their passwords and logins on any desktop or mobile device and making this the top choice for multi-device platforms. And if transparency is important to you, several of our picks are open-source projects. We also look at what a password manager is, its security features and the basics of how to use one. After creating the vault, you send out invitations to your employees, asking them to make their accounts.

best enterprise password managers of 2022

That said, assume that the enterprise password manager “musts” listed above are standard features of the eight options covered here. Determining which of the eight is the best choice for your organization will come down to how they differ. By centralizing passwords, businesses have a degree of control over their own systems and who can access them – control that they wouldn’t have if employees were left to manage their own passwords. It also enables companies to restrict access to systems instantly on a personal, team, or company level. Free password managers have a lot of great features, but every free password manager has some limitations that will affect your user experience and security.

What is the best enterprise password manager

As a bonus, employees also get free family accounts, which can be used outside of the office protect family accounts like streaming services and social media accounts. There is more of a focus on reporting with the 1Password Business plan, including the ability to generate activity logs and an audit trail. There’s also a more granular approach to rights management, with the ability to create custom roles for employees, as well as custom groups.

How to choose the best password manager for you

The paid version is feature-rich, and there are many options for authentication. Dashlane performs all the basic and advanced tasks we expect from a password manager, plus it comes with a VPN, retains a history of your logins, and scans your accounts for weak and compromised cloud enterprise password management passwords. When it comes to picking the right password manager for you, it’s worth considering whether you want your saved passwords to be stored in the cloud or locally on your devices. All your data is stored on your own devices rather than on Myki’s company servers.

  • Products like LastPass and Avira Password Managerinclude a built-in authenticator, saving time when trying to log into 2FA-enabled websites.
  • The freeware may let you store an unlimited number of passwords, but it is so limited that you should probably consider the premium version rather than a free account.
  • These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts.
  • But it’s best if your password manager is flexible enough to scale with your business as it grows.
  • Some provide secure storage so you can store other items too, such as documents or an electronic copy of your passport or will.
  • 1Password will let you know if your credentials have been compromised, so you can maintain good password hygiene.

You must upgrade to Keeper Enterprise to use more advanced 2FA and SSO methods. Enterprise customers are also able to use an automated team management system and a series of provisioning tools. 1Password is very much a one-stop tool for securing all of your account logins. There are no limits to the number of passwords and other items you can keep securely locked in your account vault. You never have to memorize a password again as it autofills web forms seamlessly with your saved logins.

He has helped startups and small businesses build their brand identity, improve their online presence, and market to new and existing customers. The password vault developers encrypt the vaults if and when they store it in the developer’s cloud servers. In this case, it’s your strong password that secures the password vault and is unlocked when you type in the password to access all of the credentials.

The best password managers you can buy today

I usually recommend avoiding free password managers because most aren’t safe to use — they usually lack strong encryption, have exploitable security flaws, and don’t have zero-knowledge protocols . The password manager should either have a free plan or a free trial that allows you to test most of its features. https://globalcloudteam.com/ For example, Dashlane has a free plan, while 1Passwordhas a free 14-day trial. In addition, Bitwarden’s auto-save and auto-fill are pretty inconsistent. I spent a lot of time editing my password vault and manually entering new logins because Bitwarden had trouble properly saving and auto-filling my passwords.

What is the best enterprise password manager

These daunting tasks are made easier by more than 100 plug-ins and extensions that bolt onto KeePass. Unfortunately, the free tier is next to useless, as it permits only 15 password entries, and True Key’s developers never seem to have gotten around to adding form-filling. As well as providing all of the above, 1Password Business also protects you from breaches and other threats, such as keyloggers and phishing attempts, and will only work in verified browsers. The cost of RoboForm depends on the number of licenses you are purchasing, as well as the length of the subscription. Discounts of 15% and 25% are offered for three-year and five-year memberships, respectively.

Best for Secure Cross-Platform Password Management

Many products include some provision for a digital legacy, a method to transfer your logins to a trusted individual in the event of your death or incapacity. NordPass for Business focuses on password hygiene with various tools to help administrators see which employees have weak, reused, or old passwords in their vaults. Most people will like 1Password because it is easy to use and offers plenty of security, but it does have its downsides. 1Password lacks a true password inheritance feature and has lackluster import options. Password management gives users an easy offline way to reset their password that easily integrates with MFA solutions. If a password manager is doing its job correctly, it’s storing all of your passwords in an encrypted format and only storing your master password as a “hash” that is the result of an irreversible mathematical process.

What is the best enterprise password manager

It’s highly secure, comes with great administrative controls, and includes everything you need to look after your company’s credentials. Unusually, LogMeOnce gets rid of the need for a master password by putting in place additional security settings, so that you can’t get locked out of your account simply by forgetting your master password. Getting one of the best password manager choices has never been more important, especially as more and more of us are embracing a remote working life that splits time between the home and office. Password managers are essential for businesses because they minimize the risk of employee passwords leaking or being compromised in some way.

Sticky Password

LastPass Business has everything Teams has, but adds in-depth reporting, SSO and AD integration, and unlimited users. You can also choose advanced SSO and MFA add-ons with the Business plan. LastPass has one of the most intuitive admin dashboards of all the password managers I tested.

Keeper — Best for Secure Communication Between Team Members

They all provide industry-standard features like bank-grade encryption, auto-save and auto-fill capabilities, and secure password generation. If the password manager has paid plans, they should be affordable and provide great value by adding helpful extra features. Plus, some password managers even come with money-back guarantees — for example, Dashlanebacks each purchase with a 30-day money-back guarantee. All the free password managers on my list are able to generate secure passwords without any issues, and almost all of them are able to consistently auto-save and auto-fill logins. I only recommend free password managers that use 256-bit AES encryption and provide zero-knowledge architecture.

Roboform for Business

Your financial situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances. We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities. Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. Check out Dashlane or Bitwarden for reliable options at no cost to you. In August 2022, LastPass published a notice on its blog about a security incident where some of the company’s source code and technical information was taken. According to LastPass, the breach was caused by a single bad actor who gained access to the Development environment through a compromised developer endpoint.

Keeper is ideal for business owners who want to keep tabs on their workers’ password hygiene habits. Keeper for Business generates custom reports that show logins, usage statistics, password resets, BreachWatch activities, and other security-related data. Business accounts can create detailed compliance reports by clicking the Compliance button on the dashboard. These records show which employees are using the password manager, and how well they are maintaining safe password hygiene. When one account is hacked, a cybercriminal has the login information attached to every account you own.

Dashlane might feel pricey, but it will be worth the payments for brands especially concerned with login security. Norton Password Manager works well for most businesses but it is especially ideal for sole proprietors and small businesses. These issues aside, we feel that Norton Password Manager is the best free tool of its kind. It is a great way to protect your various logins without having to spend any money.

We recommend Bravura Pass to organizations looking to better manage and secure their decentralized passwords that exist outside the corporate IT environment. Founded in 2015, Bitwarden was originally launched as a password manager. It is the only open-source password manager we reviewed and offers an impressive range of features in its free plan, giving it the edge over comparable password programs. There was a time when most people could get by with a handful of easy-to-remember passwords.

Unfortunately, LastPass Free doesn’t come with emergency access— Dashlane includes it in its free plan, and 1Password includes it in its 1Password Families plan (which comes with a 14-day free trial). That said, LastPass offers a wide range of account recovery options — if you forget your master password, you can easily recover your account (this is something most competitors don’t offer). You can get Dashlane Premium at a 25% discount if you enter SAFETYD25 at checkout, so it’s only $4.99 / month, which is a pretty good deal for such a functional password manager. Families should check out Dashlane Friends & Family, which adds up to 10 users for $7.49 / month. All of Dashlane’s premium plans include a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

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